Volume 5-Issue 2

Volume – 5, Issue 2, (March-April) 2023


How judges Vladimir Valkov from SGS and judge Tsvetelina Georgieva from POS legitimize

the theft for zero cents of 2.9 million cubic meters of private land mass for 130 million euros of

private lands of the “Principality of Dobrev Halachev” by the mafia during the government of a

minister chairman Boyko Borisov, his personal inaction, the prosecutors of Sotir Tsatsarov and

Ivan Geshev, GENOCIDE of the LAW and JUSTICE, the mafiotization in the country and justice – there is

no RULE OF LAW in Bulgaria! The mafia has a country! Support of this neoliberal neofascist deep mafia

in Bulgaria from the USA and from the EUROPEAN UNION, the European Court of Human Rights! It is

the turn of the UN Human Rights Council to prove whether it serves this mafia?!?!

Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev || Princess Lay Prof Mariola Garibova-Dobreva

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Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Organizational Commitment
Ananda Rullyta Avesiana Pitaloka || Zulkarnain ||Ferry Novliadi
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Rewriting Medea’s Law Case: A Mythological Corporate Reorganization after Betrayal

Dra. Marta Villalba-Lázaro

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Assessment of the effect of training nurses with regard to patient right to access and safety in

two teaching hospitals
Rudolph Ravi D’Sa || Sonia E D’Souza

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The Effect of Economic Violence on Women’s Socio-economic Development in Luanda Sub County of

Vihiga County, Kenya 

Okanda Caroline Awino || Dr. Jared Aineah Ngutu

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Establishment Of The Faculty Of Sciences At Tel-Hai Academic College: An Important Step In The

Establishment Of A University In The Northeast Of Israel

Gad Degani || Dan Levanon || Yehuda Levy

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An investigation of how leadership styles influence the effectiveness of Mathematics classroom management.

Abigail juta || obediah mumanyi ||Dr. o. mumanyi, dr a juta

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The Role of Antibiotics in the Development of Pseudomembranous Colitis Caused by the Bacterium

Clostridium Difficile

Nedim Pervan || Mufida Aljičević || Rusmir Baljić || Velma Rebić || Sabina Mahmutović Vranić

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Factors Influencing the Choice of Passive Income Using the Ism Approach
Yashmita Kochar || Sanjana Agrawal || Himani P. Mody || Archit Kapoor || Aparna Sudhir

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Adolescent obesity prevention and complex lifestyle interventions
Augustė Railaitė || Aistė Railaitė ||Artiomas Šabajevas ||Rūta Petereit ||Gintarė Šabajevienė

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Knowing Her Place: A Review of Two Reports Exploring Black girl leadership and Toxic Identity

Carletta S. Hurt

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Mineral Content and Physicochemical Characteristics of Honey Samples Obtained From Districts

of Hadiya and Kembata Zones, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Mihretu Mechoro ||Sintayehu Tamirat ||Legesse Adane

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António Manuel Rodrigues Oliveira

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The Impact of Cost-to-Income Ratio on Bank Performance in Nigeria
Ayinuola || Tunde Folorunso || Gumel, Babandi Ibrahim

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Preclinical models available to study therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease: For interference

of drug discovery
Ruchi Sharma1, Rohit Sharma1

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Assessment of Lecturer’s Teaching Activities through Students: Theoretical and Practical Concept
Phan Thi Yen || Dang Vinh

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Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Environmental Risk Factors of 1990-2019 Cholera Outbreaks in Nairobi

County, Kenya

Bocha A. Manaseh || Gachohi John || Karanja Simon || Mwachari Christine

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