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Volume – 6, Issue 3, (May-June) 2024


Designing Interactive E-Learning Architecture: Leveraging SCORM Standards

Dwijoko Purbohadi

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Unlocking hydrocarbon potential in East Java’s mud volcanoes: insights from Central and North

East Java

Wildan Tri Koesmawardani || Muhammad Burhannudinnur ||Djohan Rizal

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Analysis of the Geological Structure of Wukirsari and Surrounding Areas, Imogiri District,

Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta D.I. Province

Surya Darma Hafiz || Amalia Yunita Puteri

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Reservoir Characterization Using Conventional Logs in the North West Java Basin, Indonesia

Benyamin || M Burhannudinnur || Djohan R.Prasetya || Aditya Henri.S

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The Nature of Corporate social responsibility in Nigeria and Its Effect on Corporate Philanthropy

among oil Companies in Nigeria

Dr. Nzegwu, Samuel Nnamdi

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A Critical Evaluation of the Legal Framework for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation and Governance

in Developing Countries: The Nigerian Experience.

Elvis Ohireme Oviosu || Ikpenmosa Uhumuavbi,

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The Rhythm Analysis of Kampung Gebang Wetan

Denny Husin || Olga Nauli Komala

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Creative Science Literacy Learning Methods for Early Childhood

MA Muazar Habibi

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Factors Influencing Work Performance of Senior High School Teachers during Pandemic:

An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Method


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Selection of Instructional Materials for Efficiency in Teaching and Learning English Language

Alozie Matilda Nwakaego

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Analytical Study of Peer Conformity among Adolescents and Its Relation with Their Social

Interaction Anxiety

Dr.Meenakshi Jindal || Anaahat Bindra || Anhad Pratap Singh || Chitrangna Gupta
||  Abhavya Gupta

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Challenges in School-Based Management: A Basis for Enhancement Program


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A Review: ‘Using Attitude Scales to Investigate Teachers’ Attitudes to the Communicative Approach

Fatemeh Mirzaei || Dr. Sarimah Shamsudin

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The Correlation between Students’ Perception of Padlet Use and Students’ English Writing Score

Maria Anggum Premana Dewi ||2,Gregorius Punto Aji

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