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Volume – 3, Issue 3, (May-June) 2021


Preliminary Data Validation for Identification of Teamwork Ethics Influence On Air

Traffic Controllers Performance Parameters

Sulaiman Ibrahim Mohammed Alzughibi || Adi Anuar Bin Azmin ||Norshahrizan Binti Nordin

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A Randomised Comparative Study of Intrathecal Midazolam Versus Fentanyl

with Hyperbaric Bupivacaine for PostOperative Analgesia in Patients Undergoing

Orthopedic Surgeries

Dr. Katakam Swapna || Dr.Rama Krishna || Dr. Sudarshan Reddy || Dr.C.N.ChandraSekhar

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Financial Literacy & Its Impact on Loan Repayment by SMEs in Sri Lanka

LakmalW.A.I || Mendis N.S.W

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Protection of the “weakest” party in legal relations by the Civil Code, versus the specific

legal framework on consumer protection, in Albania

Phd. Artan SPAHIU

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The Multicultural nature of feminism

Marine Kobalava || Ivane Javakhishvili

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Cleansing Election Process The Ethos of Electoral Reforms

Dr. Daisy Changami || Dr. Manashi Kalita

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Discrepancy in a patient,shows weak expression in group B with mismatch transfusion 

with O;dilemma in a case report

Sonia Shormin Miah || Mostofa Ahmed Doha || Nadia Sharmin

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Novel Approach for Computer Architecture Simulation

Mr. S. V. Pattalwar || Dr. V. M. Thakare

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How The Global Masonic Mafiotized Elite and Its Deep Government Attempt to Make

for Great Reset On the Planet Through Covid 19

Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev || Prof. Mariola GaribovaDobreva

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The Effect of Anxiety and Burnout On Job Satisfaction: The Covid19 Period

Dr. Nurgül ERDAL || Güneş ÇEVİK AKKUŞ ||Dilara BAKIN

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Village Local Elite Policy in Solving Minor Crime CasesCase Study in Yogyakarta Special Province

Kholid Zulfa || Kamsi || Trisno Raharjo || Yeni Widowaty || Hasse Jubba

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Choice of the ideal proportion of mother tongue instructions ingrammar Teaching

D.W.Chamini Chandika

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Assessment of Lake Water Quality by usingTrophic State IndexIndicators Parameters for

Ecological Lake Restoration-a Case Study of Naukuchiatal, Kumoun Region, Uttrakhand , India

Naresh Gopal Shrivastava

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A Comparative Study to Assess the Level of Stress and Coping Skills among Senior Citizens

Living with Family V/S Old Age Home. With a View to Develop Information Leaflet on Stress

and their Coping Skills in Selected area at Raipur Chhattisgarh

Dr. Reena Barai ||Dr. Hemant Sharma

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Rise of Medical tourism in Delhi:A case study of AIIMS hospital

Moushila De

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Aggregation of Excessive Sedentary Behaviors in Schools of the Public Network

Brenaráise Freitas Martins dos Santos || Hector Luiz Rodrigues Munaro

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Determinants of Prescribing Practices of Opioids Analgesics in Cancer Patients at Oncology Units,

Teaching  Hospital, Kandy

Thilakarathna.H.M.A(MBBS, MSc, MD)

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Assessment of Disease Severity in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Using Das28, Cdai, Raad Score and 

Rapid3 A Review

Athira Paulson ||Feby Ann Abraham || Flaby Davis || Nayana Mary Ranji ||K.Krishnakumar L. Panayappan

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Differences between American and Korean Culture and the Potential Impacts on ESL

Teaching and Learning

Michael Gale || Lee Hughes

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Geochemical Properties of Shale Gas Reservoirs and Their Impacts On Gas

Development: A Review

Onuoha Fidelis Wopara

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A Review of Lokanatha rasa with special reference of Puta Paka preparation method

HerapathdeniyaSKMK ||ParanagamaPA || Ranasinghe S

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Chemical Properties and Characteristics of Water Sorption Isotherm in Aceh

Local Rice

Synthia Dewi ||Rita Hayati ||Agus Arip Munawar

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Amina Sadović,

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Climate Change Awareness and Environmental Management Practices Among

Administrators of State Universities And Colleges in Region Xii, Philippines

Bainorie A. Mantawil, EdD || AliK. Dilangalen, PhD

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Herding behavior in Tunisian Mutual Funds Under Asymmetric Conditions:

Quantile regression approach

Zouaoui Marwa

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Combination of Jatropha Cultivars with the Best Dose Fungi Mycorrhizal Arbuscular and

Cytokinin Concentrations for Lowland Plant

Kovertina Rakhmi Indriana || Cucu Suherman ||Santi Rosniawaty

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Event Curation and Classification Technique based on Object Detection

P Venkateshwarlu ||Dr. B. Manjula

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How Smartphone Addiction in Indonesian Millennial Mother?

Herdian || Nur’aeni || Siti Aisyah Binti Panatik || Dyah Siti Septiningsih

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Analysis of Financial Statements to Measure Financial Performance


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Determining Factors Affected Online Learning Satisfaction: An Empirical Study in

Indonesia during Pandemic Covid-19 Period

Theresia Trisanti || Badr M Alsolami || Heni Kusumawati || Noormalita Primandaru

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Stratigraphy Sequence Analysis to Determine Rock Correlation Based on Wireline Log Data

on DK Field  in Kutai Basin East Borneo

M Burhannudinnur || D Kurnianto

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Resection of the Lower Jaw after a Pathological Fracture Caused By

Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Dr. Rosen TSOLOV || Assoc. Prof. Georgi YORDANOV

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Determination of Synthetic Pyrethroids Pesticide Commonly used by farmersin

Upper Yedzaram Basin Adamawa State, Nigeria

Zira, S. P || Bwatanglang || I. B1and Tukur, S

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Language and Ideology in Management Literature: Contribution to

Metaphoric Neology Critics

Hasan Tutar || Ferruh Tuzcuoglu

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Analysis of Local Financial Performance in Gorontalo Regencyin Terms

Of Local Financial Independence And Effectiveness Of Pad (Local

Own-Source Revenue)In Fiscal Year


Husnah Verawati Fahry || Muhdar HM || Sri Dewi Yusuf

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How Education Is Playing A Crucial Role in The Integration and Settlement

Process of Refugees and Migrants Coming from MENA Region into

The European Countries?(IJMCER)

Amira Kobeissi || Hiba Mohammad

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Preliminary Phytochemical Screening, Invitro Antioxidant Activity  and HPTLC

Finger Printing Profile Of Eclipta prostrata

Sheelarani || R. Krithika || K. Chitra || G. Ragesh

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