Volume 5-Issue 5

Volume – 5, Issue 5, (September-October) 2023


Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on Economy through Machine Learning
R.Amutha ||S.Karthik

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Examining the Social Studies Textbooks at the Basic Education Level through Values Education
Süheyla Üçışık Erbilen

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New Direct Nonlinear MPPT design for Photovoltaic System Using Backstepping and Synergetic Controllers
Andrianantenaina Tsiory Patrick || Andriniriniaimalaza F. Philibert || Randjaka Tsiloavy || Jean Nirinarison Razafinjaka

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Epidemiological Study of Bleeding Disorders with Orthopaedic Problems, Speed of Haemophilic

Arthropathy Progression and Pattern of Joint Involvement
Associate Prof. Levent Bayam || Justine Theaker || Mr. Sanat V Shah || Prof Dr Charles Hay

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 Genocide of law – The neo-liberal neo-fascist dictatorship of the mafia in the court and prosecutor’s office

in Bulgaria – how since 2005, by order of the mafia, the judges of the SRS M.Georgieva, SGS Valkov,

Boycheva, Yordanova and the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice and the SGS legalize the theft

of private inherited properties from Capital municipality with mayors Sofianski, Borisov and Fandakova in

the center of Sofia for 55 million euros, supported by the prosecutor’s office, ministers of justice of the

European Union and commission, France, Germany, and the European Court of Human Rights!

Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev || Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva

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Lecturer Performance Management Implementation in Improving the Quality of Higher Education in Indonesia
Sri Winarsih || Sutrimo Purnomo

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Internalizing Tolerance Among Religions Through Local Wisdom Hamerti Kirti in Wonosobo Indonesia
Fitriyanto || Sutrimo Purnomo

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Survey Study on Awareness and Consciousness Level of Sustainability in Dentistry
Serap Beşiroğlu || Dilek Tağtekin || Şükrü Can Akmansoy ||Deniz Özkuyucu || Elif Alkan

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Multicultural Education in Shaping the National Character through Social Studies Learning
Tutuk Ningsih || Luma’ul ‘Adilah Hayya

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The Practical Difficulties and Solutions for the Operation of Eminent Teacher Studio Program in Primary

and Secondary Education
Jinyi Sun ||Dengtang Ma || Kefang Zhou

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Examination of the Cartoon “Rafadan Tayfa” Based on the Social and Emotional Development Characteristics

of Children Aged 4872 Months

Mustafa DAMAR

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Sentinel AI: An Investigation into Robust Threat Mitigation Strategies for Artificial Intelligence

Alex Mathew

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Construction of Concrete Structures of Mitra Siaga 2 Tarub Hospital Using Earned Value Method: Study

of Time and Cost Analysis

Isradias Mirajhusnita || Zilda Yatun Nisa

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Exploration and Practice of Information and Computing Science Major Construction in Finance

and Economics Universities in the context of the digital economy
Minghua Yang || Juan Chen || Zijing Li || Yatao Li, Min Li

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The Study of the Propulsion System of a Ship, the Choice of the Optimal Operating Mode Regarding the

Efficiency of the Propeller
Lupchian Mariana

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Digital Disruptions and its Impact on Traditional Marketing Practices
Dr.Robin Kabha || Dr. Abhijit Sharad Kelkar || Dr.Ahmed Mostafa Kamel

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THE REAL OBJECTIVES AND INTERESTS to continue the war in Ukraine of the deep neoliberal neo-

fascist mafia and the US and European leaders – for a full production – industrial agriculture, consumer,

military, economic, digital buyout and takeover of EUROPE and other countries by deep mafia

companies, causing of crises in Europe, Africa and part of the implementation of plans to impose a New

World Order –digital neo-fascism

Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev || Princess Prof. Mariola GaribovazDobreva

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Implications of Luhya Birth Rituals on Christian Worship in the Baptist church in Vihiga County, Kenya

Dr. Jared Aineah Ngutu || Dr. Antony Ichuloi Oure || Dr. Maurice Ogolla

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Health seeking behaviour of People Living in Selected Rural Communities Amidst COVID 19-Pandemic:

The Case of Lagonoy, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Marina S. Villar ||Francia C. Lisay || Margarita M. Lanciso

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Incorporation of King Code to the Performance of Governors At Our Institutions In South Africa Could

Improve Accountability And Provision Of Services
Mkateko Raymond Maluleke || Zeleke Worku || Mammo Muchie

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