Volume 3-Issue 3

Volume – 3, Issue 3, (May-June) 2021


Preliminary Data Validation for Identification of Teamwork Ethics Influence On Air

Traffic Controllers Performance Parameters

Sulaiman Ibrahim Mohammed Alzughibi || Adi Anuar Bin Azmin ||Norshahrizan Binti Nordin

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A Randomised Comparative Study of Intrathecal Midazolam Versus Fentanyl

with Hyperbaric Bupivacaine for PostOperative Analgesia in Patients Undergoing

Orthopedic Surgeries

Dr. Katakam Swapna || Dr.Rama Krishna || Dr. Sudarshan Reddy || Dr.C.N.ChandraSekhar

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Financial Literacy & Its Impact on Loan Repayment by SMEs in Sri Lanka

LakmalW.A.I || Mendis N.S.W

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Protection of the “weakest” party in legal relations by the Civil Code, versus the specific

legal framework on consumer protection, in Albania

Phd. Artan SPAHIU

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The Multicultural nature of feminism

Marine Kobalava || Ivane Javakhishvili

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Cleansing Election Process The Ethos of Electoral Reforms

Dr. Daisy Changami || Dr. Manashi Kalita

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Discrepancy in a patient,shows weak expression in group B with mismatch transfusion 

with O;dilemma in a case report

Sonia Shormin Miah || Mostofa Ahmed Doha || Nadia Sharmin

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Novel Approach for Computer Architecture Simulation

Mr. S. V. Pattalwar || Dr. V. M. Thakare

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How The Global Masonic Mafiotized Elite and Its Deep Government Attempt to Make

for Great Reset On the Planet Through Covid 19

Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev || Prof. Mariola GaribovaDobreva

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The Effect of Anxiety and Burnout On Job Satisfaction: The Covid19 Period

Dr. Nurgül ERDAL || Güneş ÇEVİK AKKUŞ ||Dilara BAKIN

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Egovernance as an Alternative Solution in Eliminating Conflict of Overlapping Coal Mining Areas

Himawan Nuryahya || A Harits Numan ||Dudi Nasrudin Usman || Sri Widayati

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Teaching EFin Korea and Analyzing a Student to Learn More about Learner Profiles

Michael Gale || Lee Hughes

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Tumor board establishment; Standpoint of our future doctors

Agha Muhammad Hammad Khan || Irtiza Ahmed Bhatti || Muhammad Ali Nizami ||

 Javeria Khan ||Ahmed Nadeem Abbasi

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Competitiveness and exchange rate regime: the case of the CEMAC zone

Christian AWANA

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Potential Analysis Affecting Tourist Interest for Visiting Kayutangan Heritage Village

in Malang City East Java Indonesia

Lalu Mulyadi || Budi Fathony || Ester Priskasari

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The Moderation Effect of University Culture on the Relationship between Technology

Support Services and Entrepreneurial Orientation of Incubatees in Selected Public

Universities in Kenya

ObalahSamwel Onyango || Dr. Otuya Willys || Prof. Ngacho Christopher

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Harnessing The Associated Health Risk of Diabetes Among Old Age in Akure Metropolis

Alade, T.T. (Ph.D) ||Owoeye,S. T

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Artificial Intelligence for Offence and Defense The Future of Cyber security

Alex Mathew

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Comparative Study of the Disturbance of Blood Cell Parameters and Blood Biochemistry

During Dengue Versus Malaria in The Infectious Diseases Department of the Yalgado

Ouédraogo University Hospital

M. Savadogo ||AK Sondo || I Diallo ||K. Dao

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Prediction and Detection of Covid19 Using Ml / Ai

Arun Pundir || Shivam Bhardwaj || Alok Yadav ||HarishKumar Taluja

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Correlation analysis of greater sciatic notch dimensions and his index in gender

prediction based on hip bone

Aida Sarač Hadžihalilović || Emir Beganović || Zurifa Ajanović ||Ilvana Hasanbegović || Lejla Dervišević || 

Senad Šljuka

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An empirical study of learning styles of studentteachersina preservice teacher

education degree program  at University of Delhi

Dr. Jyoti Raina ||Deepti

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Fintech Revolution, PerceivedRisks and Fintech Adoption: Evidence from Financial

Industry of Pakistan

Asima Saleem

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Anticipating Social Media Effect: Digital Literacy among Indonesian Adolescents

Dedeh Fardiah

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THEORY OF SOCIOHUMANISM by Prof. Momchil Dobrev and Prof.

Mariola GaribovaDobreva and ITS ECOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL, MORAL,


masonic mafiadriven elite and its deep management of the GLOBAL


Lord Prof. PhD PhD Momtchil DobrevHalachev || Lady Prof. Mariola GaribovaDobreva

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The image of the industry in the COVID19 pandemic

Anisoara Ionela DIACONU || Valeriu IVAN

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Food and Feed Analysis for The Years 19612013 In Different Countries.

Dr.Velvadivu.P || Dr.Sathya.C || PradeepAdithyan. M. || Sathiya Sanjay.M

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COVID19 AND THE “NEW NORMAL” CONSUMER The Moderator Effect of Fatalism

on the Relationship between Consumer Skepticism and Purchase Intention


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The effect of Intellectual Capital on profitability with Firm size as moderating variable

(Empirical research on stateowned enterprise in Indonesia 20122020)

Riza Indra Kurniawan ||Harjum Muharam

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Systematic Review: The Impact of Coeliac Disease On the Oral Cavity

Rais Mohammed Amir ||Moussa Abdelwahab || Aziz Abdelaziz

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Muyambi Andrew Kishokye and Kanyesime Alex

Muyambi Andrew Kishokye || Kanyesime Alex

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Phycological Flora Of Rio Mongaguá, Sp

Talita Gonçalves dos Santos de Jesus ||Sidney Fernandes

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Observation of the Sensing Property of Optical MicroRing Resonator

Md. Tahrimur Rahman || Hadiul Islam ||Md. Mahmudul Hasan

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Analysis and Prediction of 2021 Election Results for The Constituencies in


Dr. Velvadivu.P ||Dr.Sathya.C ||Shree Varshini.R.P || Uthra.S

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Voices of Teachers on the New Normal Education among Selected Public

Schools in Cotabato City, Philippines

Joanie T. Haramain || Lucrecia E. Tuyo || Theresa M. Montenegro ||Gina R. Floro


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A Review of the Existing Literature on the Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports

on the Psychology of People

Lee Hughes

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Study On the Essentials of Entrepreneurship as A Career

Dr. Anil Kumar Kottani

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Soil Stabilization of Sub Grade in Flexible Pavement Using Copper

Slag:A Literature Review

Samuthirakani.V || Ashutosh Das

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Evaluation of Bacterial Contamination and Heavy Metal Composition of Raw

Milk Collected from Cattle Settlement Farms in A Nigerian Community

Ebere J. OkaforElenwo || Odaro S. Imade || Osazee E.Izevbuwa1and Victory Jumbo

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Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Degradation Studies of OToluidine

Biuret– Formaldehyde Copolymer

Dinesh D. Kamdi

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Financing of Mother and Child Health Program (KIA) By Government

Funding with District Health Account (DHA) Approach: A Case Study

in Public Health Office Kediri City

Muhamad Rizal || Ratna Wardani

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Determination of Social Media Users’ Perceptions About “Black Friday”

Activity via Sentiment Analysis

Fikriye ATAMAN ||Özge ÖZGÜNER 

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Flexible Rectenna-A Survey

G.S.L.B.V.Prasanthi || Ayesha Naaz

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Rereading the Relationship between the Architecture of the Bima Temple and the

Enshrinements in North India

Rahadhian P.Herwindo || Samuel H. Budianto

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Factors Influencing Performance of Community Health Volunteers in Immunization

Uptake in Pokot South Subcounty, Kenya

Lopar Samuel Kipunaa ||Ting’aaSimeon Lotulya

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