Volume 6-Issue 3

Volume – 6, Issue 3, (May-June) 2024


Designing Interactive E-Learning Architecture: Leveraging SCORM Standards

Dwijoko Purbohadi

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Unlocking hydrocarbon potential in East Java’s mud volcanoes: insights from

Central and North East Java

Wildan Tri Koesmawardani || Muhammad Burhannudinnur ||Djohan Rizal

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Analysis of the Geological Structure of Wukirsari and Surrounding Areas, Imogiri District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta D.I. Province

Surya Darma Hafiz || Amalia Yunita Puteri

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Reservoir Characterization Using Conventional Logs in the North West Java

Basin, Indonesia

Benyamin || M Burhannudinnur || Djohan R.Prasetya || Aditya Henri.S

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The Nature of Corporate social responsibility in Nigeria and Its Effect on

Corporate Philanthropy among oil Companies in Nigeria

Dr. Nzegwu, Samuel Nnamdi

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A Critical Evaluation of the Legal Framework for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation

and Governance in Developing Countries: The Nigerian Experience.

Elvis Ohireme Oviosu || Ikpenmosa Uhumuavbi,

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The Rhythm Analysis of Kampung Gebang Wetan

Denny Husin || Olga Nauli Komala

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Creative Science Literacy Learning Methods for Early Childhood

MA Muazar Habibi

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Factors Influencing Work Performance of Senior High School Teachers

during Pandemic: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Method


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Selection of Instructional Materials for Efficiency in Teaching and Learning

English Language

Alozie Matilda Nwakaego

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Analytical Study of Peer Conformity among Adolescents and Its Relation with

Their Social Interaction Anxiety

Dr.Meenakshi Jindal || Anaahat Bindra || Anhad Pratap Singh ||

Chitrangna Gupta ||  Abhavya Gupta

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Challenges in School-Based Management: A Basis for Enhancement Program


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A Review: ‘Using Attitude Scales to Investigate Teachers’ Attitudes to the Communicative Approach

Fatemeh Mirzaei || Dr. Sarimah Shamsudin

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The Correlation between Students’ Perception of Padlet Use and Students’

English Writing Score

Maria Anggum Premana Dewi || Gregorius Punto Aji

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Optimizing Adult Learner Success: Applying Random Forest Classifier in

Higher Education Predictive Analytics
Emily Barnes, EdD, PhD || James Hutson, PhD || Karriem Perry, PhD

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Beyond The Cloud: Lived Experience of Consultant in Implementing

Enterprise Resource Planning System
Riesmond Glenn P. Alporha

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Ethical Imperatives and Challenges: Review of the Use of Machine Learning

for Predictive Analytics in Higher Education
Emily Barnes, EdD, PhD || James Hutson, PhD || Karriem Perry, PhD

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Moderate Islamic Education In The Book Wasathiyyah Islamic Insights On

Religious Moderation By M. Quraish Shihab

Asdlori ||Sutrimo Purnomo, Nur Roudlotul Jannah

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Architectural Elements Contributing to Interpretability of Deep Neural

Networks (DNNs)
Emily Barnes, EdD, PhD || James Hutson, PhD

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Evaluating Methods for Assessing Interpretability of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs)
Emily Barnes, EdD, PhD || James Hutson, PhD

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Present Case Studies Highlighting Practical Implications of Architectural

Design Choices
Emily Barnes, EdD, PhD || James Hutson, PhD

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Navigating the Complexities of AI: The Critical Role of Interpretability

and Explainability in Ensuring Transparency and Trust
Emily Barnes, EdD, PhD || James Hutson, PhD

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Sun And Moon: A Phenomenological Study on Work-Life Balance

of Bank Employees

Sydney River Atendido Gabon

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Leveraging Innovation and Customer Loyalty in the Bank of the Philippine

Maria Eira S. Dela Pena

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Tax Literacy and Tax Compliance of the Selected Micro Business in Cabuyao City

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Financial Management Practices and Challenges among the Selected Companies

in Light Industry and Science Park In City Of Cabuyao, Laguna
Bryan Jerick D. Alcantara

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Employee Multi-Generational Diversity and Retention in Selected Trading

Companies in the City Of Biñan Laguna
Adrian M. Balicuatro

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Learning from the Shadows of the Past: Teachers’ Lived Experiences in

Blended Teaching
Cristeta N. Paz

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Organizational Diversity and Challenges Encountered By Selected Employees

in Dhl Supply Chain Philippines and Singapore
Hecelyn P. Morente

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Face To Face and Online Modalities and Intended Learning Outcomes as Factors

in Attaining 21st Century Skills: Basis foran Enhancement Plan
Marietta P. Sampang

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and Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva – FOR IMPOSING A NEW WORLD ORDER

by the representatives of Prof. Momchil Dobrev – Halachev Financial Banking

Resource Technological Mafiosoted MATERIALISM by adopting

international agreements regarding a pandemic through the World


as a supranational institution and conquest of the health sovereignty and

national sovereignties of the respective country by supranational institutions

or directly THROUGH THE MAFIA by applying Dobrev Garibova-Dobreva “Theory

and practice of the tunnel – spiral – centrifuge of human genocide” part of “Theory

of social human genocide” – at 77 World Health Assembly 27.05.2024 – 01.06.2024
Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev ||  Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova

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Cyber security Challenges and Financial Technology Adoption Of Bank of

The Philippine Islands In Cavite South Laguna Area

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Procure-To-Pay (P2p) Optimization and Organizational Efficiency of the

Selected Private Companies in Cabuyao, Laguna
Kim Azriel Mayo Ramos

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Prof. Momchil Dobrev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva – 2006 “Theory

and  practice of the MASTERY/COLONIZATION OF A STATE/UNION of states

by the masonic corporate MAFIO-FASCISM“, the scheme of George Soros

and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to take over countries

and the goals  of neoliberal mafia-fascism for that mastering states/unions of states,

and by mastering the judicial system

Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev || Princess Lady Prof Mariola

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Aries Casidsid

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Level of Compliance of School Ergonomics and Their Impact on the School Climate

in Junior Public High Schools In The City Of Cabuyao
Chrislyn Mae T. Mananquil

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Extent of Implementation and Issues Encountered By Araling Panlipunan Teachers

in Student-Centered Learning Approach

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Level of Convenience to Teachers, Acceptability and Challenges Experienced by

the Learners on Hy Flex (Hybrid and Flexible) Learning Modality
Jervin Moldez

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Artificial Intelligence Technology Management of Teachers, Learners Motivation

and Challenges Encountered
Jose Niño D. Umali

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Characteristics of Breast Cancer at General Hospital Haji Surabaya
Bambang Arianto || Een Hendarsih ||Alfina Nursa‘adah ||Nyilo Purnami

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