Volume 3-Issue 1

Volume – 3, Issue 1, (January-February) 2021


Improving the Clinical Waste Management Processes and Practices in Selected Health

care institutions, Sri Lanka

Jayakody J.A.P || Dalpatadu K.C.S || Perera U. A. A. S

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The Influence Of School Program And Infrastructure Facilities On The Maintenance

Of The School Environment Around The Slum Area In Banjarmasin

Hairudinor & Asrani

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Management of Local Authorities in Zimbabwe. What needs to be done to improve

the Situation?

Langton Mutoya

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Central Nervous System diseases in Pavlodar region

Shokhayeva Karlygash Nurlanovna || Svetlana Kaskyrbayevna

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The wealth of the Islamic state

Wurood Jasim Mohammed || Suhad Jasim Mohammed ,

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Systematic assessment of financial imprest management procedure in Medical

Officer of Health units

in a Regional Directorate of Health Services in Sri Lanka

Perera U. A.A. S || Dharmaratne G S K || Jayakody J. A.P

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Veterans’ Unanticipated Medical Retirement and Transition to Civilian Life:

A Systematic Review of the Literature

Dr. Chunita Vick

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Critical Reflection with special reference to Economics and Learning Theories

Amal Soliman ElGhouty

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Does Celebrity Endorsement have an Impact on the Sales of a Product?

Sivani Katragadda || Pinnamaneni Sriya

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Occupational Health Maturity Model by combined Delphi and Fuzzy

comprehensive evaluation methods

Latifa FERTAT || Abdelghani CHERKAOUI

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An Auto ethnographic Study of a Research and Teaching for Transformative

Education Journey in Foundation Law Teaching – Preparing Diverse Students

for Law School

Alicia Danielsson

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The Necessity of a New Consumer Buying Business Model in the Social

Media Platform

Muhammad Hasan Tariq

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Building Religious Dialogue for Peace in the Context of Plural Society in Indonesia

Mustaqim Pabbajah

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An Experimental Study on Preoperative Inoculation as a Means of Reducing

Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery:

Sabo Saleh Dagona, Ph.D.

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Aging and Elderly Care: A Comparison of the History, Current Situation,

and Future in the U.S and China

Gary Huang

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Reading President A.P.J. Kalam as the Motivational Youth Icon

1Prasanta Gayen||Dr.PralayNayek ||Dr. Subir Sen || Mrinmoy Dandapat

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Applying AI in Children’s Reading Skill Development

Jie Cheng

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Character Building Management Of Students Islamic Boarding School

Istiadi, Karin Amelia safitri

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Toxic Stress Arising from Racial Trauma And its Consequences For


Valéria Oliveira dos Santos || Claudia Cristina Hastenreiter da CostaNascimento

|| GláucioDiréFeliciano

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Application of Theories, Principles and Models of Curriculum Design: A

Literature Review

Afzal Sayed Munna || Md Abul Kalam

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The Current State of Cyber security Readiness in Nigeria organizations

Adamu A. Garba || Aliyu M. Bade

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The Influence of Regent Leadership Style and Work Satisfaction on Performance

of Health Services of Simalungun District

Jopinus Saragih

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The Effect of Education Levels and Office Promotion on the Performance

Of Civil Employees In The Regional Civil Office Environment Of Serdang

Bedagai Regency

Nursaimatussaddiya || Cia Cai Cen

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Assimilation, Acculturation, Hybridity of Girmitya: a case study in Mauritius


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Preliminary Phytochemical Screening, Invitro Antioxidant Activity  and HPTLC

Finger Printing Profile Of Eclipta prostrata

Sheelarani || R. Krithika || K. Chitra || G. Ragesh

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Factors Influencing Customers Choice While Finalizing A Institution for Home Loans–A Case Study

of  Visakhapatnam City

Ms. M.Sughana || Prof. P.Sheela

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Combination of Jatropha Cultivars with the Best Dose Fungi Mycorrhizal Arbuscular and

Cytokinin Concentrations for Lowland Plant

Kovertina Rakhmi Indriana || Cucu Suherman ||Santi Rosniawaty

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Event Curation and Classification Technique based on Object Detection

P Venkateshwarlu ||Dr. B. Manjula

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How Smartphone Addiction in Indonesian Millennial Mother?

Herdian || Nur’aeni || Siti Aisyah Binti Panatik || Dyah Siti Septiningsih

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Analysis of Financial Statements to Measure Financial Performance


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Determining Factors Affected Online Learning Satisfaction: An Empirical Study in

Indonesia during Pandemic Covid-19 Period

Theresia Trisanti || Badr M Alsolami || Heni Kusumawati || Noormalita Primandaru

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Stratigraphy Sequence Analysis to Determine Rock Correlation Based on Wireline Log Data

on DK Field  in Kutai Basin East Borneo

M Burhannudinnur || D Kurnianto

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Resection of the Lower Jaw after a Pathological Fracture Caused By

Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Dr. Rosen TSOLOV || Assoc. Prof. Georgi YORDANOV

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Determination of Synthetic Pyrethroids Pesticide Commonly used by farmersin

Upper Yedzaram Basin Adamawa State, Nigeria

Zira, S. P || Bwatanglang || I. B1and Tukur, S

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Language and Ideology in Management Literature: Contribution to

Metaphoric Neology Critics

Hasan Tutar || Ferruh Tuzcuoglu

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Analysis of Local Financial Performance in Gorontalo Regencyin Terms

Of Local Financial Independence And Effectiveness Of Pad (Local

Own-Source Revenue)In Fiscal Year


Husnah Verawati Fahry || Muhdar HM || Sri Dewi Yusuf

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How Education Is Playing A Crucial Role in The Integration and Settlement

Process of Refugees and Migrants Coming from MENA Region into

The European Countries?(IJMCER)

Amira Kobeissi || Hiba Mohammad

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Preliminary Phytochemical Screening, Invitro Antioxidant Activity  and HPTLC

Finger Printing Profile Of Eclipta prostrata

Sheelarani || R. Krithika || K. Chitra || G. Ragesh

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